Leadership Exchange

The Leadership Exchange is the Chamber’s annual best practices trip for community leaders to explore and discuss community opportunities and challenges using the lens that another metro area provides.

Leadership Exchange 2023, Destination: San Antonio, Texas

Special thanks to our Leadership Exchange Sponsors

The Chamber’s first Leadership Exchange was in 2003 when the KC Chamber escorted 55 regional leaders to Pittsburgh, PA for a look at downtown redevelopment, arts investment, philanthropy, and sports stadiums. Below is a list of past Leadership Exchange Destinations.

For more information please contact Melanie Mattes at mattes@kcchamber.com.

Past Leadership Exchange Destinations & Topics

  • 2022 | Detroit - Economic redevelopment, downtown revitalization, workforce development, reconnecting Detroit with interstate highways.
  • 2021 | Salt Lake City - Workforce development, regional transit planning, partnering with state leaders, immigration reform, community visioning and leadership.
  • 2019 | Nashville - Business to education impact, regional collaboration, downtown vitality, and healthcare.
  • 2018 | Denver - Regional collaboration, workforce development and business-education partnerships, transportation and innovating mobility, and scientific and cultural facilities.
  • 2017 | Boston - Innovation ecosystems, K-12 and higher education reform measures, and collaboration between higher education and business, crime and violence reduction strategies.
  • 2016 | Dallas/Fort Worth, TX - Sports Economy, entrepreneurism, transportation, airport development, riverfront development, philanthropy.
  • 2015 | Portland, OR - Millennials, bi-state regionalism, transit-oriented development, airport redevelopment, higher education impact.
  • 2014 | Silicon Valley - Entrepreneurism, higher education-community collaboration, impact of tax structures, Millennials.
  • 2013 | Baltimore - Race relations, entrepreneurism, economic development, urban redevelopment.
  • 2012 | Austin - Leadership, entrepreneurism, transit planning, wellness, energy sustainability, higher education.
  • 2011 | Charlotte - Regionalism, economic development, growth/impact of an urban university
  • 2010 | Indianapolis - Regionalism, biosciences, community branding, community leadership, higher education, water infrastructure
  • 2009 | Nashville - K-12 community investment, healthcare, higher education, race relations, downtown performing arts center
  • 2008 | Denver - Regionalism, transit, leadership, community branding, community consensus-building
  • 2007 | Minneapolis - Regionalism, transit, downtown redevelopment, performing arts facilities, K-12 innovations
  • 2006 | Seattle - Regionalism, climate protection strategies, community concensus-building, downtown development
  • 2005 | Cincinnati - Bi-state relations, economic development, race relations, healthcare innovations, creating a united arts fund
  • 2004 | San Diego - Downtown redevelopment, downtown stadiums, bio sciences, K-12 innovations
  • 2003 | Pittsburgh, PA - Downtown redevelopment, regional Asset tax, downtown stadiums, arts district, philanthropy