KC BizPAC is the Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City.

Voluntary contributions from our members help strengthen business participation in the elective process at state and local levels in Missouri and Kansas.

KC BizPAC is not affiliated with any political party. Rather, it’s organized to support those state and local candidates who have taken responsible positions on issues involving business and the economic well-being of the Greater Kansas City area and the states of Kansas and Missouri.

Get Involved

Help join forces and support candidates who support issues of critical importance to business and the quality of life of Greater Kansas City. For more information about KC BizPAC or to make a contribution, call Adam Timmerman at (816) 374-5486, or email gkcccpac@gmail.com.

KC BizPAC Endorsements

2022 KC BizPAC Kansas and Missouri Primary Results

Kansas Success Rate: 67% (6 Advancing to General; 3 Losses)

Missouri Success Rate: 82% (9 Advancing to General; 2 Losses)

Kansas Legislature


  • House District 37 (Kansas City, KS area) – Melissa Oropeza – Advanced to General
  • House District 33 (Bonner Springs area) – Bill Hutton – Advanced to General
  • House District 109 (Russell area) – Troy Waymaster – Advanced to General
  • House District 119 (Dodge City area) – Brad Ralph - Lost
  • House District 107 (Beloit area) – Susan Concannon – Advanced to General
  • House District 123 (Garden City area) – John Wheeler – Lost
  • House District 122 (Garden City area) – Bill Clifford – Advanced to General

Kansas Statewide:

  • Attorney General: Kellie Warren – Lost
  • Secretary of State: Scott Schwab – Advanced to General

Missouri General Assembly


  • Senate District 8 (Blue Springs/Lee’s Summit area) – Mike Cierpiot – Advanced to General
  • Senate District 30 (Springfield area) – Lincoln Hough – Advanced to General
  • Senate District 6 (Jefferson City/Lake Ozark/Versailles area) – Mike Bernskoetter – Advanced to General
  • Senate District 28 (Warsaw/Sedalia/Bolivar area) – Sandy Crawford – Advanced to General
  • Senate District 32 (Joplin area) – Bill White – Lost
  • Senate District 16 (Lebanon/Rolla area) – Justin Brown – Advanced to General
  • Senate District 12 (Maysville/Rock Port/Trenton area)– Rusty Black – Advanced to General


  • House District 62 (Peculiar area) – Sherri Gallick – Advanced to General
  • House District 19 (Northeast Kansas City area) – Ingrid Burnett – Advanced to General
  • House District 22 (Central Kansas City area) – Yolanda Young – Advanced to General
  • House District 36 (Grandview area) – Annette Turnbaugh – Lost

Jackson County Legislature

County Exec:

  • Frank White – Advanced to General

1st District:

  • Geoff Gerling – Lost
  • Manny Abarca – Advanced to General

1st District At-Large:

  • Jalen Anderson – Advanced to General

2nd District At-Large:

  • Zac Sweets – Lost

3rd District At-Large:

  • Tony Miller – Lost

Johnson County

Commission Chair:

  • Mike Kelly – Advanced to General
  • Shirley Allenbrand – Lost

Past KC BizPAC Endorsements

2021 KCPS School Board Endorsements

The KC BizPAC, a Political Action Committee in collaboration with the Civic Council and Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, after interviewing and reviewing questionnaires from the school board candidates for the Kanas City Public Schools Board, has endorsed candidates for the April School Board race.

All terms are 4 years (expires in 2025)

Sub-District 5:

Bruce Beatty vs. Kandace Buckner [open seat]
Recommendation: Endorse Kandace Buckner—$1500 contribution

As a former elementary school teacher and instructional designer with the Kansas City Teacher Residency, Kandace brings a deep knowledge of the education field and KCPS. Ms. Buckner’s passion for increasing student achievement by serving on a board that sets ambitious goals and a vision for the district would be a valuable addition to KCPS. Contributions by check: “Kandace Buckner for School Board,” 5413 Paseo Blvd. #1, KCMO 64110. Contributions online: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kandace-buckner-for-school-board-1

Her opponent, Bruce Beatty, is a retired finance analyst for the City of KCMO, and the committee appreciates very much his longtime service with KCMO and the State of Missouri, and his interest in supporting the development of young people.


Tanesha Ford vs. Pattie Mansur (incumbent)
Motion: Endorse Pattie Mansur—$1500 contribution

KCPS has made demonstrable progress over the past several years, and that improvement is due in no small part to the recent effectiveness and stability of the Board of Education. As a board member first elected in 2014 and chair of the board since 2019, Pattie Mansur has been instrumental in providing this much-needed leadership, and deserves re-election to her board seat. Professionally, Pattie serves as Director of Health Policy & Communications for the REACH Foundation.

Contributions by check: “Committee to Elect Pattie Mansur,” 421 W. 68th St., KCMO, 64113
Contributions online: www.pattiemansurforkcschools.com

Her opponent, Tanesha Ford, executive director of Kauffman Scholars, is an impressive candidate focused on raising student achievement. Her candidacy ensures that voters have an excellent choice in this election.

Sub-District 1:

Rita Cortes (unopposed incumbent)—Endorsement; no contribution

First elected in 2019, Rita brings an intense interest in increasing student achievement to the current KCPS board. As an attorney and the current executive director of the Menorah Heritage
Foundation, Ms. Cortes also demonstrates a keen appreciation of effective governance principles.

Sub-District 3:

Manny Abarca (unopposed incumbent)—Endorsement; no contribution

Manny serves as the Board’s Treasurer, where he plays a pivotal role in leading the annual budget process, a significant responsibility for a board member first elected in 2019. Mr. Abarca’s deep roots in the Kansas City community and role as Congressman Cleaver’s Deputy District Director ensure that his constituents in Northeast KC have an effective voice in the future of the district.

KC BizPAC 2020 General Election Endorsements



Chris Croft, District 8
Jo Ella Hoye, District 17
Cindy Neighbor, District 18
Stephanie Clayton, District 19
Jerry Stogsdill, District 21
Lindsay Vaughn, District 22
Susan Ruiz, District 23
Jarrod Ousley, District 24
Rui Xu, District 25
Sean Tarwater, District 27
Brett Parker, District 29
Brandon Woodard, District 30
Louis Ruiz, District 31
Pam Curtis, District 32
Tom Burroughs, District 33
Valdenia Winn, District 34
Broderick Henderson, District 35
Kathy Wolfe Moore, District 36
Stan Frownfelter, District 37
Terry Frederick, District 48
Megan Lynn, District 49
Blaine Finch, District 59
Ron Ryckman, District 78
Tom Sawyer, District 95
Steve Johnson, District 108
Russ Jennings, District 122


David Haley, District 4
Jeff Pittman, District 5
Pat Pettey, District 6
Ethan Corson, District 7
Cindy Holscher, District 8
Kellie Warren, District 11
Ty Masterson, District 16
Jeff Longbine, District 17
Dinah Sykes, District 21
Rob Olson, District 23
Carolyn McGinn, District 31
Molly Baumgardner, District 37



Mike Parson, Governor
Mike Kehoe, Lt. Governor


Brenda Shields, District 11
Josh Hurlbert, District 12
Ashley Aune, District 14
Maggie Nurrenberg, District 15
Chris Browns, District 16
Mark Ellebracht , District 17
Wes Rogers, District 18
Ingrid Burnett, District 19
Bill Kidd, District 20
Robert Sauls, District 21
Yolanda Young, District 22
Emily Weber, District 24
Patty Lewis, District 25
Ashley Bland Manlove, District 26
Richard Brown, District 27
Jerome Barnes, District 28
Rory Rowland, District 29
Dr. Jon Patterson, District 30
Jeff Coleman, District 32
Keri Ingle, District 35
Mark Sharp, District 36
Doug Richey, District 38
Mike Haffner, District 55
Rodger Reedy, District 57


Greg Razer, District 7
Barbara Anne Washington, District 9
John Joseph Rizzo, District 11
Lauren Arthur, District 17
Caleb Rowden, District 19
Karla Eslinger, District 33

2020 Disbursement Committee Contributions


  • AT&T
  • KC Southern 
  • Evergy 
  • Dickinson Financial 
  • Civic Council 
  • Polsinelli 
  • Burns & McDonnell 
  • DD Ranch 
  • Husch Blackwell 
  • JE Dunn 
  • McCownGordon Construction 
  • Shook Hardy & Bacon 
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
  • Hallmark 
  • Stinson LLP 
  • MLP Holdings 

2020 Additional Business Contributions


  • Global Prairie
  • BNIM

2019 Kansas City, Missouri General Election

After surveys, interviews, and deliberation, KC BizPAC, the Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, has chosen to endorse the following candidates for the 2019 Kansas City, Missouri General Election.

At-Large Endorsements

  • District 1 – Kevin O’Neill
  • District 2 – Teresa Loar
  • District 3 – Brandon Ellington
  • District 4 – Katheryn Shields
  • District 5 – Lee Barnes, Jr.
  • District 6 – Andrea Bough

In-District Endorsements

  • District 2 – Dan Fowler
  • District 3 – Melissa Robinson
  • District 4 – Geoff Jolley
  • District 5 – Ryana Parks-Shaw
  • District 6 – Kevin McManus

The BizPAC made no endorsement(s) in the mayoral race.