Customized Market Research

Our comprehensive research reports are tailored for client’s international and domestic business and trade needs.


We offer reports covering macro-economic, political and current topics pertaining to specific markets and industries.

  • Data and insight on companies around the world for benchmarking and prospecting to improve business performance
  •  International business vetting through our partner World Trade Centers for securing suppliers and customers
  • Reports on industry trends and key indicators PSLO & REPP

Private Sector Liaison Officers (PSLO)

As the PSLO for the World Bank, we are part of 160 business intermediary organizations in over 100 countries who facilitate communications with the private sector. Serving as the voice of the local private sector community to the World Bank Group, we connect our local companies to the WBG’s procurement opportunities.

Regional Export Promotion Program (REPP)

As the REPP we partner with EXIM Bank to help companies expand their export opportunities. We connect and educated companies on opportunities to access EXIM’s trade finance products and expertise for selling internationally.


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