Spotlight Greater Kansas City

The KC Chamber’s eighth biennial congressional staff benchmarking tour and workshop, Spotlight Greater Kansas City, will be held in late May 2019.

The Chamber will host 20-25 Capitol Hill staffers for this unique exploration of priorities and opportunities in our two-state region.

This year’s Spotlight Greater KC will showcase opportunities, resources, and priorities in areas where this region can lead and realize measurable job growth, including infrastructure, research and innovation, global trade and entrepreneurism. This year’s Spotlight sessions will focus on workforce development needs and innovations (a new perspective on the talent pipeline); infrastructure activity and progress; healthcare; opportunity zones; and international trade

Spotlight Greater KC Regional Goals

  • Showcase valuable job creation and economic development priorities in the two-state region with a focus on small business, growing industries, international trade, and infrastructure.
  • Provide an important forum for D.C. congressional staff to dialogue and exchange ideas with regional business leaders and innovators in Missouri and Kansas about real needs and opportunities “back in the district.”
  • Build and strengthen relationships with other congressional staff members and between congressional offices on issues of importance to our metropolitan area.