Centurions Legacy Projects

Each year, the Legacy Committee selects a project with the intent to bring a long-lasting benefit to the Kansas City community. The committee plans the project, leads the project, and organizes the Centurion volunteers to participate in the project.

Apply now for the Spring 2020-2021 Legacy Project

2019-2020 Centurions Fall Legacy Project: Happy Bottoms

Happy Bottoms’ mission is to collaborate with community partners to empower, connect and impact low income families by alleviating diaper need in the Kansas City community. During the course of the year, the Fall Centurions will help improve the new warehouse, including refreshing the conference and staff areas.


2018-2019 Centurions Spring Actives Legacy Project: Niles - KVC Hospitals

Niles’s mission is to enrich and enhance the lives of children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services, and education. During the course of the year the Spring Centurions will help improve the activity and outdoor space for youth.