Centurions Alumni

After successful completion of the two-year Centurions leadership program, its graduates are uniquely engaged and connected. The Centurions Alumni Association allows members to maintain that momentum after graduation and make a positive impact on the Kansas City area.

The Centurions Alumni Association provides alumni with unique programming, volunteering opportunities, and resources to build upon and strengthen connections. Through their ongoing involvement, alumni continue to serve the community well after graduation. Centurions alumni are invested in supporting the legacy of the program and its intent to develop knowledgeable, service-oriented community leaders.


Centurions Alumni Association also provides:

  • Assistance and support to the Centurions Leadership Program, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, and other community organizations.
  • A forum for members to discuss and learn about community issues and opportunities.
  • Access to become and/or remain actively involved on boards and commissions and in community affairs, both within the KC Chamber and the community at large.
  • Regular communication around KC area issues, resources, and more.

Each member’s investment helps to fund projects, scholarships, events, and resources that enhance the legacy of the Centurions program at large, including:

  • Planning and operating several activities throughout the year, including: 
    • Group and individual volunteer opportunities.
    • Social events including an annual holiday party and Homecoming fundraiser.
    • Annual luncheon and Centurions Alumni Association Board member elections.
  • Raising awareness of and overseeing the nomination and award process for the Bernard Powell Award, named for civil rights activist and charter member.
  • Stewardship of the Centurions Alumni Association Foundation.
  • Evaluating and distributing scholarships, including: 
    • Alumni Legacy full-ride scholarships, focused on elevating diverse professionals working to create equity within diverse communities.
    • Alumni Association partial scholarships, available to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Complete Alumni Directory access.
  • To update your contact information, please email Lindsay Jarquio at jarquio@kcchamber.com.

Alumni Board



Kamera Meaney, 2020


Gina Lichte, Apex 2022


Lindsey Rood-Clifford, Class of 2017


Lathem Scott, Class of 2017
Elizabeth Hiatt, Pinnacle 2023

Alumni Liasions

Gwendolyn Thomas, Pinnacle 2024

Past President

Tanesha Ford

Past Active Steering Committee Chair (Pinnacle)

Elizabeth Hiatt, Class of 2023

Past Active Steering Committee Chair (Apex)

Christina Hager, Class of 2023



* Indicates Committee Chair


Civic Initiatives Committee

*Andrew Tate, Pinnacle 2023
*Tashayla Person, Apex 2023
Vanessa Herring, 2017

Legacy Fundraiser Committee

*Jenny Stasi, Pinnacle 2020
*Adam Abrams, 2014
Audra Clark, Pinnacle 2020
Jackie Feeney, Apex 2020
Jesus Torres-Sosa, Pinnacle 2020

Membership/Marketing Committee

*Angela Kennedy, Apex 2021
Christina Hager, Apex 2023
Rachael Pegg, Apex 2023

Projects Committee

*Susie Morris, 2012
*Mia Gonzales, Apex 2022
Joshua Kaplan, Pinnacle 2023
Solissa McKay, Apex 2020

Social Committee

*Jauqua Preston Wilkins, Apex 2022
*Beth Collins, Apex 2023
Rita Strickland, Pinnacle 2021
Elizabeth Hiatt, Pinnacle 2023

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

*Gina Speese, Apex 2023
Wale Akinmoladun, Pinnacle 2020
Charles King, Apex 2022