Centurions Alumni

After successful completion of the two-year Centurions leadership program, its graduates are uniquely engaged and connected. The Centurions Alumni Association allows members to maintain that momentum after graduation and make a positive impact on the Kansas City area.

The Centurions Alumni Association provides alumni with unique programming, volunteering opportunities, and resources to build upon and strengthen connections. Through their ongoing involvement, alumni continue to serve the community well after graduation. Centurions alumni are invested in supporting the legacy of the program and its intent to develop knowledgeable, service-oriented community leaders.


Centurions Alumni Association also provides:

  • Assistance and support to the Centurions Leadership Program, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, and other community organizations.
  • A forum for members to discuss and learn about community issues and opportunities.
  • Access to become and/or remain actively involved on boards and commissions and in community affairs, both within the KC Chamber and the community at large.
  • Regular communication around KC area issues, resources, and more.

Each member’s investment helps to fund projects, scholarships, events, and resources that enhance the legacy of the Centurions program at large, including:

  • Planning and operating several activities throughout the year, including: 
    • Group and individual volunteer opportunities.
    • Social events including an annual holiday party and Homecoming fundraiser.
    • Annual luncheon and Centurions Alumni Association Board member elections.
  • Raising awareness of and overseeing the nomination and award process for the Bernard Powell Award, named for civil rights activist and charter member.
  • Stewardship of the Centurions Alumni Association Foundation.
  • Evaluating and distributing scholarships, including: 
    • Alumni Legacy full-ride scholarships, focused on elevating diverse professionals working to create equity within diverse communities.
    • Alumni Association partial scholarships, available to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Complete Alumni Directory access.
  • To update your contact information, please email Katherine Gathje at kgathje@kcchamber.com.

Alumni Board



Tanesha Ford, Class of 2016


Kamera Meaney, Class of 2020

Past President

Jon Hile, Class of 2012


Lindsey Rood-Clifford, Class of 2017


Lathem Scott, Class of 2017

Past Active Steering Committee Chair (Pinnacle)

Elizabeth Hiatt, Class of 2023

Past Active Steering Committee Chair (Apex)

Gina Lichte, Class of 2022


Civic Initiatives Co-Chairs

Susan Schaefer, class of 2021
Jauqua Preston Wilkins, class of 2022

Legacy Fundraiser Co-Chairs

Audra Clark, class of 2020
Caroline VanDeusen, class of 2016
Jackie Feeney, class of 2020
Adam Abrams, class of 2014
Jenny Stasi, class of 2020

Membership/Marketing Co-Chairs

Angela Kennedy, class of 2021
Lisa Shaw, class of 2000
Demetrius Peterson, class of 2021

Projects Co-Chairs

Gretchen FitzGerald, class of 2017
Susie Morris, class of 2012
Lisa Womack, class of 2021
Mia Gonzalez, class of 2022

Social Co-Chairs

Solissa McKay, class of 2020
Judd Treeman, class of 2021
Rita Strickland, class of 2021

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Chairs

Kim Gile, class of 2020
Wale Akinmoladun, class of 2020
Saadia Mahmood, class of 2019
Kendra Burgess, class of 2022

Active Liaison (Apex)

Beth Collins, Class of 2023

Active Liaison (Pinnacle)

Gwendolyn Thomas, Class of 2024


As of January, 2023


Kristina Aberle
Wale Akinmoladun
Kathryn Allen
Andrea Allison-Putman
J. Anderson
Rachel Arnett
Suzie Aron
Brook Bailey
Seth Baker
Libby Bane
Charlotte Barksdale
Lauren Bascue
Joe Bellinger
Tom Bender
Kate Bender
Nathan Benjamin
JJ Bennett
Erik Bergrud
Jessica Best Stewart
Austin Bickford
Chris Bigelow
Mary Birkel
Kimiko Black Gilmore
Megan Boos
Idonna Bragg
Joshua Brewster
Emma Brooke
Dan Brown 
Kellie Bryan
Holly Buckendahl
Steve Burbridge
Kendra Burgess
John Burgess
Alexander Burke
Tim Burkhalter
Marshaun Butler
Kent Cable
Jay Campbell
Suzie Carpenter
Courtney Chapman
Nate Chastain
Terry Christenberry
Sarah Cisper
Audra Clark
John Coler
Michael Condon
Kelly Cooper
Adam Cox
Melissa Dailey-Newman
Jennifer Dameron
Megan Day
Mike DeBacker
Greg DeCamp
Roper DeGarmo
Marie Dispenza
Aaron Dispenza
Kyle Donaldson
Julie Dragoo
Krystle Dunn
Taylor Dunn
Drew Eanes
Mark Ebbitts
Drew Elliott
Nathalie Elliott
Jim Erickson
Matthew Filing
Gretchen FitzGerald
Katie Fitzgerald
Trevor Flannigan
Matthew Flynn
Pat Foley
Tanesha Ford
Michael Fowler
Evan Fox
Jennifer Funk
Diane Gallagher
Estuardo Garcia
Katie Garcia
Theresa Garza
Adam Gebhardt
Kim Gile
Maggie Glenski
Lori Goben
Mia Gonzalez
Sheri Gormley
Tami Greenberg
Emily Gretzinger


Elizabeth Haden
Quint Hall
Scott Hall
Suzy Hall
Donell Hammond
Terry Harlow
Desarae Harrah
Sarah Harrington
Bradford Hart
Mike Hauser
Georgiane Hayhow
Mary Heinrich
Tyler Henson
Shawn Hickey
Jon Hile
Allyson Hile
Scot Hill
Jacqueline Hill
Chris Hotop
Jen Houston
Jeff  Hughley
Michelle Innes
Jake Jacobson
Jessica James
Mike Jeffries
Sheri Johnson
Heather Jones
Matt Jordan
Jenn Kabler
Ryan Keller
Michael Kelley
Angela Kennedy
Michael  Kenny
Charles King
Derek Klaus
Roxsen Koch
Julee Koncak
Andrew Lang
Vercie Lark
Mark Larrabee
Mary Larson Diaz
Melissa Lavin
Sunita Lavin
Steve Lawrence
Katherine Lee
Gina Lichte
Troy Lillebo
Bonnie Limbird
Andre Logan
Andrew Logan
Katie Lord
Maria Maffry
Jennifer Malone
Donna Mandelbaum
Stephen Mapes
Justin Mathews
Janelle Matlosz
Jennifer Matney
Ashley McDonald
Kieth McGovern
Kamera Meaney
Stephanie Meyer
Kate Migneron
Sean Miller
Pamela Miller
Joanne Montgomery
Greg Moore
Susan Morris
Bridget Moss
Christine Murray
Rachel  Murray  
Robert Nagel
Genny Nicholas
Jennifer Nicholson
Melissa Novak
Ivan Nugent
Kristen O'Connell
Jordan O'Grady
Nathan Oleen
Dianne Powell Oliver
Nathan Orr
Erika O'Shea
Jon Otto


Dede Palmer
Lauren Palmer
Demetrius Peterson
Jeff Phillips
Julie Pine
Ted Place
Scott Potter
Monica Powers
Jauqua Preston Wilkins
Will Pryor
Oz Qureshi
Matt Ralston
Michael Raupp
Michael Reardon
William ''Bud'' Reynolds
Amanda Richardson
Susann Riffe
Jocelyn Rivard
Drew Robinson
Rob Rogers
Lindsey Rood-Clifford
Dan Ryan
Susan Schaefer
Ken Schaefer
Karly Scholl
Matthew Schulte
Lathem Scott
Stephanie Seger
Scott Seitter
Sara Selkirk
Marc Shaffer
Mukul Sharma
Lisa Severin Shaw
John Shoemaker
Stephanie Siders
Robert Silvy
Monica Smith
Marissa Starke
Jenny Stasi
Matt Staub
Julie Steenson
Sylvya Stevenson
Brian Stewart
Meghan Still
Scott Strawn
Rita Strickland
Tiffany Stuck
Erin Stucky
Scott Swaggert
Annie Swartz
Holly Swyden
Lucinda Noches Talbert
DePrice Taylor
Jesus Torres-Sosa
Judd Treeman
Megan Turner
Chris Underwood
Wendy Van Duyne
Ann  Van Zee
Shanelle Varone
Holly Villasi
Jennifer Vitela
Shalea Walter
Cherelle Washington
Doug Washington
Caitlin Waters
Meredith Webster
Julie Welch
Julie Wellner
Richard Wetzel
Frank White
Cale Wilson
Angela LaRose Witt
Michael Wizniak
Gregory Wolf
Lisa Womack
Amanda Yoder