Centurions Alumni

After successful completion of the two-year Centurions leadership program, our graduates are uniquely trained and connected.  The Centurions Alumni Association allows members to maintain that momentum after graduation and make a positive impact on the Kansas City area.  

Centurions Alumni Association (CAA) provides alumni with unique programming, community involvement, and resources to help them keep in touch with each other and the active program. Through this ongoing involvement, alumni can serve their community well after they graduate while staying connected to Centurions classmates as they grow into Kansas City’s leadership.

CAA also provides:

  • Assistance and support to the Centurions Leadership Program, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, and other community organizations.
  • A forum for members to discuss and learn about community issues.
  • Association members with opportunities to become and stay actively involved on boards and commissions and in community affairs.
  • An awareness of community issues, resources, and diversity.

Each member’s investment helps to fund projects and resources that make the program successful, including:

  • Stewardship of the Centurions Alumni Association Foundation, which annually awards two partial Centurions scholarships for small business candidates.
  • Planning and operating several social and service activities throughout the year, including: 
  • Events centered on civic issues and leaders
  • Annual holiday party
  • Alumni social events
  • Awards reception with actives
  • Annual meeting and elections
  • Raising awareness of and overseeing the nomination and award process for the Bernard Powell Award, named for one of the program’s most memorable charter members

2018-19 Alumni Board

Jennifer Matney, Class of 2016

President Elect
Jon Hile, Class of 2012

Past President
Jennifer Kraenzle, Class of 2013

Past Active Steering Committee Chair
Shalea Walter, Class of 2019

Sara Harris, Class of 2018

Lathem Scott, Class of 2017

Legacy Fundraiser Co-Chairs
Leslie Dickerson, Class of 2018
Angie Grant, Class of 2018
Jackie Vavroch, Class of 2018

Membership and Communications Co-Chairs
Estuardo Garcia, Class of 2019
Austin Bickford, Class of 2017

Projects Co-Chairs
Meredith Webster, Class of 2018
Rhonda Dolan, Class of 2018

Civic Initiatives Co-Chairs
Jason Carter-Solomon, Class of 2018
Chris Vukas, Class of 2014

Social Co-Chairs
Theresa Garza, Class of 2019
Frank White III, Class of 2019