World Trade Center-Kansas City News: May 2024


Happy World Trade Month from WTC-KC! During the month of May, we also recognize World Trade Day as part of the larger World Trade Month celebration. Established in 1935 by President Roosevelt, the U.S. has recognized May as World Trade Month, celebrating the importance of international trade to the national economy. Since 1948, World Trade Month has been recognized by Presidential Proclamation. On May 15, WTC-KC is hosting World Trade Day 2024 as a member of the Kansas City International Steering Committee. This year, the theme is Successful Sustainable Strategies. Register to join us on May 15 here.

We are honored to continue promoting international trade and supporting Kansas City as the 40th largest exporter among U.S. metro areas. According to the International Trade Administration, 81% of companies that exported goods from the Kansas City area were small and medium-sized businesses. WTC-KC is proud to provide support and resources for companies of all sizes. Please contact us with any trade needs.


Trade Winds Europe/Eurasia
ITA/U.S. Commercial Service
May 13-15
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KC Rising Horizons
KC Rising
May 16
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Agribusiness Sales Program to South Africa
ITA/U.S. Commercial Service
May 13-17
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May the Workforce Be With You
Missouri Enterprise
May 30
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2024 U.S.-China Agriculture Roundtable
US Heartland China Association 
June 2024 
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ILA Berlin Pioneering Airspace 2024
U.S Commercial Service & International Trade Administration
June 5-9, 2024
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EXIM 2024 Annual Conference
June 6-7
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Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) training
MU International Trade Center
August 6-9
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2024 Mid-America Trade Summit
University of Missouri International Trade Center
October 2
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Dispatches from DC

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The Kansas Land and Military Installation Protection Act, proposed under HB 2766, aims to counter the trend of foreign adversaries acquiring land near crucial military installations in the United States. Introduced by Rep. Chris Croft, the Act prohibits foreign principals from designated countries from acquiring any interest in specific real property within the state. It imposes restrictions within 150 miles of military bases, mandating registration and divestiture of acquired interests within set timeframes. Failure to comply may result in legal action, including divestiture orders and civil penalties, with violations leading to asset forfeiture. Amendments incorporate these violations into existing laws. The Act also requires reporting of non-notified transactions to relevant authorities. Meanwhile, the Kansas Senate debated SB 172, which narrowly failed, aimed at restricting ownership of commercial real estate by foreign adversaries within 100 miles of military installations. Despite concerns over economic consequences and discrimination claims, similar measures have been enacted in 15 other states, reflecting broader national security worries. Critics highlight potential disproportionate impacts on citizens and immigrants, while proponents emphasize security risks.

The bill's future is uncertain, with proponents planning to reintroduce it amid ongoing debates over constitutional, economic, and security concerns. Learn more here. Read House Bill 2766 here.


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The National Trade Estimate Report, Biden-Xi Phone Call, and Falling Chinese FDI
The Trade Guys
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US Exports to China Report
The US-China Business Council
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Part III: Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse, Short and Long-term Eastern Port Impact
Husch Blackwell
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