United Way of Greater Kansas City and the Chiefs Create #KCStrong Fund


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Like so many of you, we are devasted by the tragic events at yesterday’s parade.  United Way acted quickly to help our community turn its outrage into action and to begin building a path forward that is rooted in healing and restoration. This afternoon we launched the #KCStrong Fund in partnership with the Chiefs with the aim of raising funds to support the victims of yesterday’s tragedy and their families, investing in violence prevention and response organizations including mental health support services, and supporting first responders including the police.

Funds raised will first and foremost go to support the victims and their families. We say all the time that Kansas City is America’s biggest small town. This is your way to support your neighbors who have been directly affected by this senseless violence.

Secondly, we recognize that this type of violence is rampant throughout our region – often in lower-income communities far away from the spotlight of media attention.

That is why funds raised here will also support violence prevention and recovery organizations, including mental health support services.

Finally, in these moments we realize just how important it is to have brave men and women who run towards the danger to keep us all safe. That is why funds raised through this effort will also go to support first responders.

We’ve all been affected by this moment—and if you’re compelled to act, we encourage you to turn your outrage into action and contribute to this fund and share it with others. We can assure you that 100% of funds raised will go directly to these causes and organizations, with no administrative fees whatsoever. The true strength of champions is revealed in how they respond in the face of adversity. The only question that remains is – how will we respond, Kansas City?