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Letter from CEO Erica Terry


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For the past several months, Susan G. Komen Kansas + Western Missouri has worked tirelessly to ensure that we adapt to the circumstances of the world in the most effective ways. Our team works to educate people about individual health and public policy issues, while adhering to the situations surrounding us.

We have worked hard to educate #GetBack2Health, and have been making strides in informing women of the precautions that hospitals and centers are taking in response to COVID-19, and the importance of getting their mammograms.

We have also developed the Health Equity Task Force that focuses and addresses the breast cancer disparities in African American women within our region. With the amazing team and leaders working on this, we have been able to make great progress in informing the public of the need for health equity to be achieved for all. The Health Forward Foundation has invested in our mission by donating important dollars for screenings targeting African American women in Cass, Jackson, Johnson, and Wyandotte counties.

With Health Equity as a top priority, we are also advocating the Missouri Amendment 2 vote, taking place on August 4th. By supporting the expansion of Medicaid in Missouri, we are supporting the opportunity to make healthcare coverage available to ALL Missourians who need it. Our mission does not discriminate.

Thanks to our investors and supporters for the work and effort they put into achieving our mission. We have an exceptional team of professionals that are committed and dedicated to ending breast cancer forever.

I am excited at the opportunity to grow in our impact and make strides in our commitment to saving lives.

Thank YOU for being a part of the solution to end breast cancer forever.