Novella Brandhouse joins MKA Collective offering specialized restaurant and hospitality concepts


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Kansas City, MO (July 8, 2024): Novella Brandhouse is proud to announce our alliance with MKA Collective (MKAC), a specialized foodservice and brand development collaboration, according to Elizabeth Cooper McFadden, CEO and Director of Brand Strategy.

MKA Collective is the strategic collaboration of three Kansas City-based agencies that are industry leaders, McDonnell Kinder & Associates, Hermanos Design, and Novella Brandhouse. 

The three local agencies combine decades of expertise in marketing and branding, restaurant innovation, and architectural design. They provide a strategic comprehensive resource for the creation and rebranding of restaurants and hospitality concepts in Kansas City and worldwide.

“From innovation to execution, MKAC deals with every part of the culinary experience including brand strategy and audience, food and beverage products, operational and architectural design, marketing campaigns, and strategic partnerships,” according to McFadden.

In addition to creating new menu items or products, MKAC develops a comprehensive solution that is a coordinated approach. Restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, entertainment, manufacturing, managed services, foodservice equipment and manufacturers, hospitality brands and national food boards comprise the client list. For complete details about MKAC and Novella Brandhouse, please refer to the website,

Photo of MKA Collective Team in office space

About Novella Brandhouse

Novella Brandhouse was established in 2013 and is a boutique, WBE-certified branding-focused, full-service ad agency developing brand architecture, creative campaigns and marketing strategies for organizations that are scaling or rebranding. Additionally, Novella Studio, an in-house department, creates photography and social media content. The company also licenses and distributes Novella University, a branding and marketing program, for member organizations and franchises. For more information, contact Elizabeth Cooper McFadden at 816.226.6958, or by email at