KC Workplace Mental Health Assessment Results

About six months ago the KC Chamber and Healthy KC launched the KC Workplace Mental Health Assessment -- a key tool in learning about and sharing what mental health resources businesses and organizations in Greater KC are providing their employees. Who knew that within just a few months of starting the conversation at our kickoff event in November, the COVID-19 crisis would hit?

Maintaining mental and emotional well-being right now is incredibly challenging. The KC Chamber and Healthy KC are here to help. Today we are distributing a summary of the Mental Health Assessment, and there is good news to share. The report shows many of our area employers get it. They are providing educational opportunities and EAP services for their employees, resources for managers, and their leadership actively supports mental health through safe, respectful, and ethical work environments.

The report also shows there is still more employers can do. That includes:

  • More visible leader support.
  • Enhanced proactivity and visibility of EAP services.
  • More training for managers and supervisors on supporting employees struggling with mental health concerns.
  • Using mental health-related data to strategically develop action plans.

You’ll also find a guide filled with valuable national and local resources for supporting workplace mental health.

We hope that this information serves as both a call to action and a valuable resource for employers and our community.