Urgent Action Requested: Tell Missouri Legislators to Support Expanding Childcare Access

As you know, improving childcare access has been a top priority for the KC Chamber and area businesses for the past decade. Now the KC Chamber is asking for your help in advocacy to address the lack of accessible childcare seats in our region, which has been a major barrier to getting our full workforce back into jobs and hampering the ability of employers to fill critical workforce needs. Currently 41% of all Missouri counties lack accredited childcare facilities, greatly hampering the ability for workers to participate in the workforce.
There is great opportunity unfolding to address this issue head on. Tomorrow the Missouri House of Representatives is considering legislation to authorize three new tax credits to expand childcare access. At 10:00am, the House Children and Families Committee will be holding a public hearing on HB 870, introduced by Representative Brenda Shields, which would authorize the "Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Act," the "Employer-Provided Child Care Assistance Tax Credit Act," and the "Child Care Providers Tax Credit,” providing tax credit opportunities for providers and employers to tackle the issue.
The KC Chamber greatly appreciates Governor Mike Parson’s leadership and commitment to improve access to childcare seats and we thank Representative Shields for championing this legislation. But we need your help to get this legislation over the finish line. We urge all Missouri-based employers to contact your House members today and let them know with a quick email how this legislation might directly assist you in addressing your workforce needs. Please see the link below to find your representative and their email address. Attached to this email is more information regarding the legislation and how it will assist providers and employers.

The KC Chamber encourages our members to voice their support for HB 870. Click here to find your state representative to let him or her know you support expanded childcare access. You can also reach out to members of the House Children and Families Committee, who will be holding a hearing on HB 870 tomorrow, here.