The Five Pillars of Health

Resources for You & Your Workplace

Healthy Eating

More than two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, putting them at risk for heart disease, stroke, and many other illnesses. Making healthy changes in the workplace, where so many of us spend our day, is an important way to help keep people healthier. A 2010 study showed that improving the types of foods and beverages served and sold in the workplace positively affected employees’ eating behaviors and resulted in net weight loss.

Designate a Nutrition Champion

Designate a Nutrition Champion who coordinates your organization’s nutritional health effort

Implement Nutritional Policy

Improve the culture of food at your company

Follow National and/or Federal Nutrition Guidelines

Follow online sites like the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and more.

Provide employees’ info and resources

Offer employees information and resources on healthy nutrition and food choices at work and at home (e.g. bulletin boards, websites, intranet, etc.)

Stay well-watered

Offer employees information and resources on proper hydration at work and at home (i.e. bulletin boards, websites, intranet, etc.)

Offer nutrition education programs

Eating Poorly Takes a Toll on Productivity.

Active Living

Staying active is one of the most important things a person can do to help curb obesity, lower your chances of heart disease, and live healthy. Yet we know that in the workplace we’re more susceptible to long hours of sitting with very little movement. The following resources can help you and improve your workplace policies around physical activity.

Designate a Physical Activity Champion

Designate a Physical Activity Champion who coordinates physical activity efforts for your organization

Implement a Workplace Physical Activity Policy

Allow Time for Physical Activity During the Work Day

Offer / Promote Walking Programs

Offer/promote walking programs, including walking/standing meetings.

Provide Access to Discounted or Subsidized Wearable Devices

Provide access to discounted or subsidized wearable devices, such as a Garmin vívofit®, to employees.

Advertise Physical Activity

Host Team/Individual Competitions

Participate in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge

Tobacco Cessation

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, and increases the risks of developing heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and more. It’s the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. Employers can dramatically cut their tobacco-related healthcare costs when they provide services to help their employees quit smoking and implement smoke-free workplace policies.

Designate a Tobacco Cessation Champion

Implement a workplace tobacco policy

Offer written information to employees about tobacco cessation

Offer tobacco cessation support programs for employees

Offer tobacco cessation support programs for family members of employees


Work-Life Integration

With the siren calls of email and texts from our mobile devices and laptops, it’s become increasingly difficult for many of us to separate work from our personal lives. Checking email in bed, texting through dinner, and taking work calls on the weekend and during vacation time have become common practices. While it’s probably unrealistic to eliminate all after-hours work activity, there are ways employers can support their staff and create an environment that supports a true work-life balance.

Designate a Work-life Integration Champion

Implement a Workplace Policy that Addresses Mindfulness and the "Whole Person"

Implement Policies Supporting Flexible Work Hours and Schedules

Implement a Policy that Provides both Men and Women Paid Parental Leave

Create a Dedicated Onsite Private Space for Mothers Who Wish to Breastfeed or Pump

Encourage and/or Allow for Employees to Participate in Philanthropic/Community Organization Events During Company Time

Be a Trauma-informed Workplace

Allow Untracked/Unlimited Paid Time Off

Provide Free Educational Resources to Support Employees' Wellbeing

Provide Free Educational Resources, Coaching and/or Counseling Services and Support to Employees' Dependents

Provide Access to Behavioral Health Resources for Building Resilience and Dealing with Personal Crisis when Needed

Offer Mental Health First Aid Training to Employees

Use a Survey Tool to Determine Employee Job Satisfaction/Engagement

Use a Survey Tool to Assess Wellbeing or Health Risks of Employees

Design-Built Environment

When the office is “healthy,” employees benefit just by coming to work. And changes in the work environment don’t have to break the budget.  Poor lighting can cause headaches, eye strain, and tiredness. Colors can impact our mood and have an influence on mental and physical well-being. And plants can help create buffers between stress triggers and employees. Here are some ideas:

Designate a Design/Built Environment Champion

Implement Well Build Standards

Implement a workplace policy or process that addresses sustainability

Implement a workplace policy or process that recognizes the impact of lighting on productivity

Implement a workplace policy or process that recognizes the impact of places designated for people to connect


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