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2018-2019 Centurions Fall Actives Legacy Project: Community LINC

MISSION: Celebrating their 30th anniversary in Kansas City, Community LINC works tirelessly towards the goal of eradicating homelessness in Kansas City. Their systematic approach to removing barriers for families struggling to find “home” results in an 89% success rate. Read that again: 89% of the families who graduate from Community LINC’s program do not become homeless again. Community LINC has a path to ending homelessness in Kansas City… and it’s working. Serving approximately 500 families each year, Community LINC has directly impacted the lives of over 4,000 families - including over 8,500 children - in their 30 year tenure in Kansas City. By re-housing, stabilizing, and empowering families to become self-sufficient, Communitiy LINC creates a foundation from which families can thrive.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The 2019/20 Legacy Project will benefit Community LINC through a revival of their Elementary Education Center and creating a warehousing and inventory system for the organization’s on-site donation center. The Elementary Education Center will offer a space for academic support and tutoring for the hundreds of children Community LINC serves each year, with the goal of addressing the deficiencies that perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Children’s resilience and life skills, academic assistance, and Mental Wellness Counseling reduce the damage of homelessness and awaken children to new life options. The space will be converted into a learning environment suited to a modern, STEAM focused curriculum.

The warehousing facility, from which Community LINC furnishes 40 on-site apartments for families in their program, will be re-organized and outfitted with an inventory system Community LINC can use for years to come. The warehouse is used to store and maintain donated goods from the community of Kansas City. Provision of an inventory system will allow Community LINC to capture an accurate picture of the organization’s donation needs at a moment’s notice as families graduate from the program (and on-site housing) into permanent homes.

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For more information, please click here or contact Legacy Co-Chairs: Amy Wright (encompas), Monica Powers (Shawnee Mission Health), or Dan Brown (Hufft Projects) with any questions.


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