Member Spotlight: Trilogie

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Located in the historic West Bottoms, Trilogie is a Kansas City-based contract furniture dealership with a mission to “enhance life spaces to elevate the human purpose.”


Case Study

The average person spends 90% of their time indoors. From work to home to schools, that’s a lot of time surrounded by furniture. “That’s basically all our lives,” says Courtnay Bradley, co-founder of Trilogie, a Kansas City-based contract furniture dealership. “Trilogie serves as a way for my team and I to utilize our passion for furniture and design to change the world, one space at time. We provide furniture and related design services that help businesses create kick-butt work and life spaces where their people and their company thrive.”

Trilogie Office

Located in the historic West Bottoms, Trilogie is a studio with a mission to “enhance life spaces to elevate the human purpose.” That may sound like a big goal for a small business – there are currently 5 employees – but Bradley and her team know that where people work greatly impacts how they work. Trilogie provides furniture for local and national clients such as CrossFirst Bank, Spring Venture Group, Engaged Companies, and Wurth Baer, it’s easy to identify the kinds of workspaces Trilogie furnishes: collaborative, open, welcoming, modern, but not cold or intimidating. “We help companies of all sizes create amazing workspaces where their people show up every day feeling like rock stars and ready to perform extraordinary work,” she says.

It's also not hard to notice that numbers play a role in shaping how Trilogie does what they do. The first number is three. The studio is named Trilogie because they help companies do three things: inspire, engage, and thrive. The second number is five. “We are a full line furniture dealer that utilizes our products and expertise to positively enhance the Fab Five,” says Bradley. She doesn’t mean Antoni, Karamo, Tan, Jonathan, and Bobby. With Trilogie, the Fab Five are the five core elements of their purpose: company culture, employee engagement, workplace wellness, recruiting and retention, and innovation.

Lately, innovation has meant going beyond the showroom and portfolios. This past summer Bradley started the Up Down Podcast. “It’s a place where business owners and leaders can learn best practices on the Fab Five, and hear from others about the general ups and downs of business,” she says. Some recent guests and topics include Austin Hall of Pro Athlete talking about Pro Athlete’s workspace; using biophilic design to bring elements of nature; and how to increase employee engagement through culture.

Trilogie Meeting Space

Engaging with the community is just as important. Bradley values her membership in the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce because it connects her to like-minded colleagues. “We have met so many amazing people who share our passion for people centric design! We also love seeing the programming that is coming out of the Chamber.” Recently Trilogie hosted a Neighborhood Networking and invited Chamber members to their studio to get a firsthand look at the design space.

As Trilogie grows, Bradley says she defines success a little differently than others might. “My goal has never been to compete with others in my industry in terms of revenue goals or employee count,” she explains. “I had three main objectives when I started Trilogie. 1) Have a small team of highly invested individuals who care about the company as much as I do. 2) Build long term partnerships with clients who care about their people and the environment they are working in. 3) Have fun every day. I know we are successful because we are rocking all three.”