Plexpod Workplace Reentry Plan

Navigating the New Normal

The health and safety of our Members remains our top priority. None of us have ever experienced a situation like this. The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected everyone, and will define a new normal as we move forward. Together we can minimize the impact of the pandemic by each doing our part as we reenter the workplace. Here’s how we’re responding:

Heightened cleaning and safety protocols

We've increased our cleaning scope and frequency throughout all facilities as well as implemented new measures to ensure our team and community prioritize safety and remain comfortable in our spaces.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Our Plexpod team will be equipped with masks. Masks will also be available for purchase by the member community, if desired.

Amplified sanitization

We are introducing touch-free sanitizing dispensers across all locations to minimize touch points and will also have additional sanitizing options readily available for use by our member community.

Social Distancing Emphasis

We've adapted our facilities and member relations to ensure that our spaces can comfortably accommodate our members by placing an emphasis on social distancing and limiting in-person interactions.

De-densified commons areas

We've redesigned our commons areas to ensure adequate personal space for those coworking in our facilities.

Increased virtual communication

We've adapted our member outreach to ensure virtual communications are being used when ever possible. We encourage our members to touch base with our team through our virtual platforms readily available as well to mitigate in-person interaction.


We've installed signage to ensure that all members are aware of our community's Workplace Reentry Plan. Visual cues are available to encourage adequate safety measures based on recommended health guidelines.

Plexpod Workplace Reentry Plan

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