A Movement from the Heartland — 31 Days of Kindness

"Be kinder to yourself. and then let your kindness flood the world." - Pema Chodron


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I don’t know if you’ve all heard, but there’s this amazing movement happening from the heartland called the 31-Day Kindness Campaign. Many of you know we have a serious mental health crisis happening this year because of the pandemic and creating a ripple of kindness has the power to change that.

Dr. Michelle Robin, a strong OneKC for Women supporter and a women business owner, has partnered with Lockton to launch a 31-Day Kindness Campaign, beginning October 14-November 13.

They’re on a mission to fight the mental health crisis that is only getting worse because of the pandemic. Kindness can change our brain, so I think this is so great there’s this movement happening to do something about the rising numbers.

The OneKC for Women Alliance — Women's Employment Network, Women's Business Center, Women's Capital Connection and Women Lead Initiative — is helping them spread the word.

In partnership with Lockton.

Is this something you (or your team) would be interested in?

You can sign-up for free to receive the 31-Day Kindness Campaign at www.smallchangesbigshifts.com/kindness or purchase the 31-Day Kindness Card Deck. Just let her know whatever you need, she’ll be thrilled to help you out (mrobin@yourwellnessconnection.com).