KC Common Good launches game-changing community hub to combat violence


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Kansas City, Missouri — Last year was one of the deadliest years in Kansas City history for victims of violence, but one area nonprofit has introduced a groundbreaking virtual community hub to increase access and curb violent crime.

KC Common Good (KCCG) is a nonprofit that unites the business community, engaged citizens, community resources and key stakeholders throughout Kansas City to deliver critical resources to individuals who need them the most.

The organization is proud to announce the launch of two game-changing initiatives:

  • Community Connector: A resource portal that consolidates thousands of community resources, covering everything from addiction and mental health services and education to employment and social services and housing
  • Community Calendar: A virtual calendar that allows organizations and members of the community to share upcoming virtual and in-person events such as career fairs, neighborhood town halls and educational opportunities.

“We’re thrilled to deliver these vital services to the community and serve as a catalyst for change,” said KCCG President Klassie Alcine. “We understand that large-scale change requires organizations working together for collective impact, and by bringing all this data and information in one central place, we can enhance the work already in process for all Kansas Citians.”

The Community Connector makes it simple for nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike to reach a broader audience through data sharing. United Way of Greater Kansas City’s 211 service and First Call Technology's Community CareLink have provided more than 10,000 resources for community services, government offices, and addiction and mental health services to the portal, which comprises more than 1,930 service providers in total.

“At United Way of Greater Kansas City, we have a deep commitment to providing critical support resources to members of our community right when they need them most, and we’ve been doing that for decades through United Way’s 211 operation,” said Chris Rosson, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Kansas City. “The partnership between KC Common Good and United Way 211 will widen the accessibility of these vital resources to those who need them most.”

Among these resources are opportunities for pre-skills training and job fairs; support groups for youth, veterans, returning citizens and victims of crime; and mentorship and volunteer opportunities. By addressing the social determinants of health — the conditions in which people are born, grow, live and work — KCCG hopes to combat the violent crime rate. These conditions include aspects of the social environment (discrimination, income, education), the physical environment (residence, housing, crowding conditions), the built environment (buildings, spaces, transportation), and health services (mental health, access to care).

The portal provides a unique opportunity to analyze data and create metrics of success for the greater Kansas City community. By understanding which segments of the community need which resources, KCCG hopes to identify gaps where new and innovative opportunities are necessary to inform lasting change from within.

“Community CareLink is incredibly grateful and excited to further support our city with KC Common Good and the United Way of Greater Kansas City,” said Will Steffen, Director of Growth at Community CareLink. “The work nonprofits are doing to support our community is more important than ever, and this partnership will increase accessibility to the programs and services that they offer.”

To add your organization to the Community Connector, please visit kccommongood.org/register-organization.

About KC Common Good

Founded in 2018, KC Common Good is addressing the root causes of violence to instill hope and ensure a successful future for every individual in the greater Kansas City region. The mission of the organization is to create an environment where all citizens can live safely and have access to real opportunities. Where there’s good, there’s hope. Learn more at kccommongood.org.

About United Way of Greater Kansas City

United Way of Greater Kansas City has played a unique leading role in the philanthropic community for more than 100 years. United Way’s mission is to improve lives by mobilizing Greater Kansas City’s collective generosity for the greatest good. To achieve that goal, United Way brings together a diverse network of people, programs and resources from throughout the metro area to collaborate in addressing key needs at every stage of a person’s life. We are Kansas City taking care of its own.

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