Cellulite Physician Services is the First Clinic in the Kansas City Metro Area to Offer Avéli™, The New Gold Standard in Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Physician Services in Kansas City, MO is proud to be the first clinic in the metro area to offer Avéli™, a game-changing procedure in cellulite reduction.


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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (PRWEB) November 10, 2022 -- Cellulite Physician Services in Kansas City, MO is proud to be the first clinic in the Kansas City metro area to offer Avéli™, a game-changing solution for cellulite reduction. Avéli is an FDA-cleared, minimally invasive procedure that delivers long-term reduction in the appearance of cellulite dimples in the buttocks and thighs. Avéli is poised to be the new Gold Standard for subcision in cellulite reduction.

With a single in-office treatment, Avéli can remove cellulite from the inside-out and provide visible, long- lasting results through a three-step process:

  1. The physician reviews the procedure and answers any questions you may have prior to treatment.
  2. After marking the target release sites, a local numbing solution is gently applied and the Avéli device is guided under the skin directly to the target area.
  3. The physician will confirm the release of the culprit bands in real-time, delivering visibly smoother skin.

Cellulite Physician Services in Kansas City, MO is one of the only aesthetic clinics in the country exclusively dedicated to treating cellulite as its primary focus. To learn more about Avéli or other cellulite treatments, please call 816.569.1690 or request a consultation online today.

About Cellulite Physician Services

The Cellulite Physician Services team sets client privacy as one of their highest priorities when it comes to providing cellulite removal in Kansas City. Cellulite Physician Services purposely controls client bookings, maintains strategic scheduling and adheres to a mandatory, appointment-only service policy to ensure the utmost level of discreteness, individual attention and an unmatched degree of exclusivity.

With a commitment to cellulite removal in Kansas City, the Cellulite Physician Services team has worked diligently to establish treatment protocols that only use FDA-cleared technology backed by scientific evidence. Services include Cellfina®, Acoustic Wave Therapy, Indiba®, non-surgical butt lift and Avéli. For more information, please call 816.569.1690 or visit https://cellulitephysicianservices.com/

About Andre L. Mitchell, M.D.

Dr. Andre L. Mitchell is a board-certified Aesthetic Physician and Laser Surgeon with over 25 years of broad experience in healthcare. A native of Kansas City, he received his medical degree from the University of Missouri Columbia School of Medicine and completed residency training at Kansas University in Kansas City, Kansas. Dr. Mitchell is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and an active member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

His interest in cosmetic body shaping prompted him to pursue a specialty focus in correcting cellulite, a challenging condition that affects nearly 90% of women and almost 10% of men. Given the demand for more effective treatment options, he founded Cellulite Physician Services, one of the only clinics in the nation primarily dedicated to treating cellulite.

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