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Sydney Wickliffe, the KC Chamber’s Events Coordinator, recently spent a day in the community doing service work at Olathe South High School. Read on to learn more about her day!

During my time volunteering at Olathe South High School—my old stomping grounds—I had the opportunity to help clean up the Falcon Closet. This is a neat and self-contained philanthropic venture in the high school to give students who may not otherwise have the opportunity a chance to “shop” through trendy, lightly used clothes, shoes, prom dresses and accessories all donated by the Olathe South community. The Closet is student run and managed and is set up to look like a boutique to provide a comfortable setting for their classmates to anonymously and privately choose and try on the clothes. I had the opportunity to work on cleaning the room, switching out clothes from summer to winter and organize the space. It was quite fun and rewarding to be back in the Falcon Closet that my graduating class started!

Once I’d made headway on the Falcon Closet, I was invited to assist with the blood drive happening that day. A station was set up to register and swab donors for the National Bone Marrow Registry. After I went through the process of swabbing for cheek cells myself, I was put in charge of the station working with students and teachers to get them added to the registry, too.  I had the opportunity to meet an Olathe South mom who has an adopted daughter in need of a bone marrow transplant and was hoping to rally the OSHS community around potentially finding her one in their backyard. Her story was inspiring and made me appreciate even more the work I was invited to do.

Sydney Wickliffe Volunteers at Olathe South High School

Sydney Wickliffe Volunteers at Olathe South High School