Governor Parson took the right action on refugees

KC Chamber CEO applauds Missouri governor’s action


KC Chamber

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Joe Reardon thanked and applauded Missouri Governor Mike Parson for his action welcoming legal refugees to the Show-Me State.

Earlier this week, Governor Parson sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo giving the state’s consent as a location to settle refugees. His action was necessitated by President Trump’s September executive order giving state and local governments the option to accept or refuse refugees.

“The KC Chamber sent a letter to the governor in October urging him to take this action,” Reardon says. “These are legal immigrants already approved by the federal government. Our member companies are crying for qualified workers, and we know that no city in America has grown its economy without an increase in immigrant population. It just makes economic sense.

“Over our history, immigrants have made a positive economic contribution to the Kansas City area. New immigrants have become valued residents of our community – working hard, filling jobs that previously were going unfilled, establishing businesses, and contributing to our civic life. In 2017, the 140-thousand-plus immigrants in Kansas City had a total spending power of $3.1-billion, contributing more than $325-million in state and local taxes.

“It’s also, as Governor Parson said, the right thing to do,” Reardon adds. “As we said in our letter to the governor, ‘Your willingness to allow our region and our state to accept new immigrants will strengthen our economy and demonstrate the values we believe are important to our nation and our democracy.’”