Business Intelligence Brief - June 28, 2019



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  • Short Items of Interest – Economy
  • Latest Credit Managers’ Index Shows Mixed Results
  • CMI - Manufacturing Continued
  • Is Liberalism Dead?
  • What Else Can You Get from Armada?
  • Cat Surfing
  • New Chart – Credit Managers’ Index

Which Trump Showed Up at G-20? – In the days that preceded the meeting of the G-20 the tone struck by Trump was confrontational and angry. The accusations were pointed and directed at allies like the UK,
Canada, Australia, Japan and the EU in general. The sense was that Trump was coming to demand major changes and was prepared to launch new trade wars. Then he arrived at the meeting and it was all smiles
and reassurance. The impending tariff war with China was postponed indefinitely, Canada and Mexico were assured that the USMCA was still a priority and the Europeans were spoken of as close allies. Nobody
knows from one day to the next what the US plans and if the goal is to keep everybody off-balance it is safe to say that Trump as succeeded.

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