Business Intelligence Brief - June 21, 2019



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  • Short Items of Interest – Economy
  • Pretty Much as Expected
  • Fresh Signals Regarding China
  • Mexico Approves USMCA
  • Venezuela Destabilizes All of Latin America
  • What Else Can You Get from Armada?
  • It Seems Like it has Been Hours
  • New Chart – Mexico’s Drug Cartel

As the US and Mexico work towards trying to figure out a workable new relationship in the era of Trump and AMLO there are old issues that will continue to vex. Not the least of which is the drug gang situation. It is no accident that the two largest cartels in Mexico are the ones that border the US – Sinaloa cartel and the Zetas. The Mexican position is that the US is more responsible for these gangs than is Mexico as the drug consumption is in the US. The Mexican police and military fight internal corruption as well as the gangs and now the great hope is the new National Guard – trained by elements of the US military. The assertion that this group will be assigned border duty along the Guatemalan frontier is not going down well in Mexico as a whole.

Mexico's Drug Cartels