The tobacco cessation pillar focuses on encouraging employees to succeed in cessation efforts. These tactics include designating a tobacco cessation champion and providing programs to support tobacco-free habits throughout company culture.

Why should employers care about tobacco prevention? Most employers know that smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke is unhealthy, yet many remain unaware of the magnitude of the health risks and associated economic costs. A review of recent economic data shows that tobacco-related workplace costs are primary drivers of the rapid escalation of healthcare costs.

The good news is that tobacco-related healthcare costs can be reduced dramatically when employers provide comprehensive cessation services and implement smoke-free workplace policies. In fact, the most cost-effective health insurance benefit an employer can provide to adult employees is to support their quit attempts by paying for access to comprehensive cessation services. Healthy KC’s Workplace Wellness Action Team has collected a number of resources that can help improve your workplace’s policies around tobacco cessation and prevention.

Some of the following ideas and resources can help implement this pillar in an organization:

Designate a Tobacco Cessation Champion

Designate a Tobacco Cessation Champion who coordinates our efforts within this Pillar of Health

Implement a workplace tobacco policy

Offer written information to employees about tobacco cessation

Offer tobacco cessation support programs for employees

Offer tobacco cessation support programs for family members of employees