The design-build pillar focuses on creating a physical environment designed for employee wellbeing. Organizations can deploy a variety of tactics including: designating a design-build champion and a layout that encourages healthy habits like movement throughout the day.

While many workplace wellbeing initiatives require employees to ‘opt-in’ in order to participate, by designing a healthy office, employees reap health benefits just by coming to work. We know that not every employer has the budget or options for a complete office rebuild but there are ways to create a healthy environment without busting the budget! Research has shown that air quality and lighting at work can have significant effects on brain function and productivity. Poor lighting can cause headaches, eye strain, and tiredness which can all contribute to stress, and thereby anxiety and depression. Colors have the capacity to impact our mood and have an influence on our mental and physical well-being. Natural elements such as plants can help create buffers between stress triggers and employees. Use of more plants, larger windows opening out to nature, water features and open spaces can all create a healthier and calmer workplace environment.

Some of the following ideas and resources can help implement this pillar in an organization:

Designate a Design/Built Environment Champion

Implement Well Build Standards

Implement a workplace policy or process that addresses sustainability

Implement a workplace policy or process that recognizes the impact of lighting on productivity

Implement a workplace policy or process that recognizes the impact of places designated for people to connect