The Opioid Epidemic: How Employers Can Help Employees & Their Families

When: March 29, 2017 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Where: Polsinelli PC
Amenity Center
161 N Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60601

The increasing rate of addiction to powerful painkillers is a leading public health concern.  Recent studies estimate that 25% of employees use prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, overdose deaths and suicides from drug abuse are now at record highs. The impact of the opioid epidemic on employees and their families can therefore be devastating.  
Individuals who abuse painkillers often start their path to addiction by receiving prescription drugs under their employer’s health insurance plan or through a worker’s compensation program.  As a result, employers are also affected by the opioid epidemic through increased prescription drug costs and lower employee productivity of more than $25 billion annually.
This in-person symposium will explore the following topics to help employers better understand:
  • The origins of the opioid epidemic in America
  • How individuals and their families are impacted by addiction to powerful painkillers
  • The increased costs and risks for employers due to opioid abuse
  • Options for companies to better manage their medical and prescription drug benefit plans, drug-testing procedures, and employment policies
  • How to communicate programs to employees and their family members to enhance participation
In addition to hearing from nationally-renowned speakers from the sponsors of this symposium, there will be networking opportunities with representatives from leading health systems, physicians groups, experts in pain management and drug addiction, and members of the national media who follow the opioid epidemic.
  • In-house human resources professionals responsible for employee benefits, labor relations, and employment matters
  • Company medical directors and other professionals involved in drug testing procedures, worker’s compensation, and other occupational safety and health functions
  • Chief financial officers and other accounting/finance professionals involved in measuring employee benefits costs and lost employee productivity
  • General Counsels and other in-house attorneys involved in the company’s labor and employment policies
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