Climate Protection

About The CPP

Many thanks to the organizations that have become a part of the Greater Kansas City Climate Protection Partnership by committing to the Partnership Agreement. With the unanimous support of The Chamber’s Board of Directors, we continue to move forward in our goal of reducing the region’s carbon footprint.


The Greater Kansas City Climate Protection Partnership is modeled after a similar partnership of businesses in the Seattle region, and was a key study topic during The Chamber’s 2007 Leadership Exchange to Seattle. There has been great enthusiasm and support for engaging in climate protection strategies across our community.  Bob Regnier made this a priority for his term as Chamber Chairman in 2008, and the program has continued to grow over the years.

In 2009, The Chamber distributed all the supporting documents for our Climate Protection Partnership to more than 100 of the largest chambers of commerce across the United States, in hopes of giving other communities the tools to start their own greenhouse gas reduction initiatives. So far in 2010, our Chamber staff has traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, and Lincoln, Nebraska, to share information with their chambers of commerce about starting climate protection programs in their metro areas. Our Senior Vice President for Government Relations and Policy Development, Kristi Wyatt, was also selected to participate with a small group of Chamber executives from across the country in a Regional Sustainable Development Fellowship, provided by the Ford Foundation, resulting in an all-expenses-paid trip to China to study the country and how American businesses engage there.

You can read more about the advisory board by clicking here.


The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce has completed the carbon footprint calculator and the energy assessment. See how ours compares to yours. And let's see if we can all reduce our business impact on the environment!

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