2016 ACE Awards Nominations

Ace nominees should be defined as “middle to senior managers”:

One who heads a specific department (such as accounting, marketing, production, or business) or who serves as a project manager in flat organizations. Responsible for implementing senior management's policies, procedures, and plans; and may have two or more management levels below them. Typically middle to senior managers constitute the thickest layer of a management team/level in a traditional (pyramid shaped) organization. This award can be nominated by, but will not be given to C-level executives.

ACE AWARD CRITERIA: Nominees are employees of any gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability including employees or managers of any ethnic or culturally diverse community who:
  • Impact their organization’s success by directly or indirectly increasing profitability, improving efficiencies and/or reducing costs
  • Improve their workplace culture by embracing and promoting an inclusive environment, positive attitude and influence on others
  • Demonstrate leadership by upholding their organization’s core values and promoting innovation
  • Work in middle-to-senior level management or head a specific department (such as, but not limited to  accounting, marketing, production or business), or who serves as a project manager in a flat organization
  • Have some involvement in the development and/or implementation of policies, procedures and plans
  • Promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the organization and are an active advocate and hold themselves and others accountable for diversity and inclusion (D&I)
  • Demonstrate sustained active external leadership/involvement e.g. active role in diverse organizations, programs or initiatives locally or nationally
  • Role Model, sponsor and mentor for all employees with an emphasis on their ethnic and culturally diverse employee base
Here is our definition of Workforce Diversity:
Celebrating similarities and embracing differences among employees in terms of cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, gender, veteran status, and sexual orientation.

* C-Level executives may submit nominations but are not eligible to receive the award

Nominations close Friday, June 16.

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