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New funding proposal for Chamber’s Big 5 goal of building new downtown arts campus for UMKC

In a news release issued today, the University of Missouri Board of Curators and System officials announced “they will develop plans for an alternative funding match for the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Downtown Campus for the Arts rather than seek funding from the state under the 50-50 matching program for capital projects.”
UM System President Mun Choi says details of the financial plans are being developed and will be presented for approval to the Board of Curators at the September meeting.
The Missouri General Assembly had approved state funding plans for UMKC’s downtown arts campus during its most recent session. The bill has since been awaiting Governor Eric Greitens’ signature.
KC Chamber President & CEO Joe Reardon issued the following statement:
“The KC Chamber welcomes today’s expression of support by the University of Missouri System for the proposed downtown UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance facility. One of our ‘Big 5’ goals, the new arts campus will address long-standing accreditation issues with the current facility and add to our already-vibrant downtown. We will await the funding details for this alternative plan before commenting, and we hope the Governor will allow HCR 19 to become law so this important option can still be available if needed in the future.
“In the meantime, special kudos to Warren Erdman and lobbyists of the Chamber, Civic Council and KCMO, who worked tirelessly throughout the session and achieved the approval of the Missouri House and Senate.
“Heartfelt thanks to the leaders in our local delegation such as Representatives Noel Shull, Jack Bondon, and Rory Rowland, Majority floor leader Mike Cierpoit, Senator Mike Kehoe of Jefferson City, and the KC area Senate delegation, including  Senators Kiki Curls, Jason Holsman, Will Kraus, John Rizzo, Rob Schaff, and Ryan Silvey.”