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KC Chamber Board votes to support Jackson County life sciences proposal

The Board of Directors of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce today unanimously voted to support the ½-cent sales tax proposal to create a world-class Institute for Translational Research and Medicine in Jackson County. The county legislature earlier today approved placement of the proposal on the November 2013 ballot. 
The new institute would be located on Hospital Hill, as a collaboration of Children’s Mercy Hospitals, Saint Luke’s Health System, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute.
“The new institute would both improve the health care available to our residents and serve as a catalyst for economic development,” explained KC Chamber Board Chair Russ Welsh. “It has the potential to make Kansas City a national research hub, creating new jobs and new businesses, and bringing new innovations to medical care.”
“A new Institute for Translational Research is a key part of the KC Chamber’s Big 5 goal for life sciences, and so the board’s vote to support the proposal is another step toward the success of this important initiative,” said Jim Heeter, president and chief executive officer of the chamber. “The new institute will bring both dollars and discoveries to Jackson County, and represents a tremendous opportunity for our community.”
The Institute is expected to foster hundreds of new jobs and more than $30 million in economic output in its first year of operation. In the first 10 years, the total economic impact is estimated at $607 million.
“If Jackson County voters approve – as we hope they will – the new Institute for Translational Research can transform our community,” Heeter said, “translating new knowledge and discoveries, and leading to new treatments and cures for disease, and more specifically affecting the quality of life and positive outcomes for sick children in our community.”

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